With this free tool you can find all type of duplicate songs that waste valuable disk space

Why Finding Duplicate Songs Is Useful

Duplicate Songs Finder not only finds duplicate music files but it also allows you to safely remove them, thereby reclaiming space on your hard disk or mp3 player. It will find and clean duplicate songs, movies, pictures. You specify as many drives, network locations, and mp3 players to include in the search, and the program finds all the duplicates across all these locations. This saves you time and effort by eliminating repetitive searches across different locations.

Media collections can include music, video, images and photos and are often filled with duplicate files. If you have a music collection of several hundreds or even thousands of files, you may want to clean it up by deleting identical tracks.

With Duplicate Mp3 Finder you can organize your media files and increase the disk space available for your growing collection.

Find Duplicate Photos

The easiest way to sort through duplicate images and remove extra copies.

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Find Duplicate Songs

If you have a music library it’s very easy to have duplicate songs and dead tracks.

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Find Duplicate Videos

Find and delete duplicate video files in your video collection library!

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Duplicate Files in iTunes

As your iTunes Library grows, you will end up with duplicate music and videos.

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Free Forever

This program is totally free with no term limitations for home use. Free regular updates included.

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